Milan Ihl


Hey there, it's Milan!

Livin' in a well hidden, very small village in Germany nearby Nossen, Saxony,
I love creating nice photographs, maintaining my servers and exploring the environment by running.

In 2018 I made my first steps in more "serious" web-video production and right now,
I am working on getting some obstacles out of my way so I can do this with more regularity.

Things I can help you with

Enhancing your Photos

I help you making your photos look great, it's not always a ton of equipment, it's the edit.

Managed Hosting

I can help you with your hosted stuff or even host and manage it for you.

Fixing Computers

I can help you with various issues with your computer or smartphone (if logistic issues can be resolved).

Things I do for everyone

..:: tchncs ::..

I host a number of amazing opensource services, including some of the biggest german Mastodon and Matrix instances.

Check it out!

The World of Illuna

Illuna aims to serve an amazingly advanced Minetest experience and features feature-packed, authentic servers.

Never look back!