Hey there, it's Milan!

...the autodidactic sysadmin, computer nerd and ongoing photographer from Germany.

Happy to meet you, go ahead, say hi!

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Things I can help you with


Making your photos look amazing ...and i even take new ones if you like!

Managed Hosting

Hosting your stuff, helping with your infrastructure, working on your website and more.

Fixing Computers

Solving various computer or smartphone related issues.

Things I do for the public

..:: tchncs ::..

I host a number of amazing opensource services, including some of the biggest german Mastodon and Matrix instances.

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The World of Illuna

Illuna aims to serve an amazingly advanced Minetest experience and offers feature-packed, authentic servers.

Never look back!

I am working with great people

Land und Kultur gestalten

Young project, focussing on bringing the people nearby Nossen together. I am participating as Photographer, Videographer, Editor, Social Media guy and Wordpress Dev.

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Project in the future, a craftsman-collective. I will be participating as general IT and Media guy ...and Wordpress Dev.

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The Art Smith of Schrebitz³.

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Experimental Videos

English German Peertube

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